Tips 1: Generic Greetings

Phishing messages often begin with impersonal greetings. “Dear user” or “Hello [email address]” are definitely suspect. Email from Axaipay will always use the name provided by Axaipay Merchant or name listed with Axaipay. 

Tips 2: Unknown Attachment

Attachments can contain malware, so never open them unless you’re 100% sure they’re legitimate. Email from Axaipay will always without any attachment.

Tips 3: Fake URL

If someone asks you to click on links and please always check links in an email before you click them. A link could look perfectly secure like Make sure to move your mouse over the link to see the true destination. If you aren’t certain, don’t click on the link.

Tips 4: Ask for Sensitive Info

Never provide personal, credit card, or account info via email, text, or phone. For making payment via Axaipay, you always redirected to to make payment by entering your payment card information.