1. Axaipay merchant will provide you a secured DirectDebit eMandate subscription link and please click the link to kick start your enrolment process. 
*Note: Please ensure the link is start with https://autodebit.axaipay.my/XXXXXXXXX

2. Review the subscription plan offered by Axaipay Merchant. Just click "Create Account" button to enroll the DirectDebit eMandate via Axaipay for first time. If you are repeat customer, just click "Login".

3. Fill up the information required and click "Create Account".

4. You will receive one-time password (OTP) received from Axaipay via email to confirm your DirectDebit eMandate account creation.

5.  Enter OTP received.

*Important: Please remember to check your SPAM folder if you didn't receive the email in your inbox.

6. Select your preferred payment mode (B2C or B2B) and payer bank.

*Note: Select B2C for personal bank account or B2B for corporate bank account. 

7. You will go through the payment process via FPX by making RM1 through your selected bank.

8. Once you have paid the RM1 successfully via FPX, then the enrolment of DirectDebit eMandate with the Merchant is successful.

9. Upon the enrolment is successful, the balance in your bank account will be deducted according to the subscription amount within 1 - 3 working days.